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Katy Clark Labour

Election History, 2010 Onwards

North Ayrshire and Arran CC  for  Labour  from 06 May 2010 to 30 Mar 2015

Expense Claim Details


 budget used

DateDetailAmount (£)

 budget used

 budget used

DateDetailAmount (£)
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Other Financial Information

Property information

Accommodation landlord name Accommodation postcode
Office landlord name Office postcode

MP payroll information

Basic salary received during
Additional salary received during
Reason additional salary was paid
Resettlement Payment Amount
Amount paid to MP as LALP during
Period LALP covered

Connected party payroll information

Connected party name Job title Full or part-time? Employed for the whole year? Salary received during
Between and

Other staff information

Job title Full or part-time? Employed for the whole year?

Advance and deposit loans to MPs

Advance loan outstanding at
Repayment of advance loan received during
Office deposit loan outstanding at
Repayment of office deposit loan received during
Accommodation deposit loan outstanding at
Repayment of accommodation deposit loan received during

Debt written off

Total debt written off at

Reward and recognition

Reward and recognition payments made during
Date Amount

Contingency payments

Amount requested Type of contingency Amount granted

MP's Commentary

Each MP has been given the opportunity to write an annual account to provide context to their spending, explaining how they have used the money provided by the taxpayer to conduct their parliamentary work. This is the annual account written by XXX MP for their parliamentary work in the financial year 2015-16.


This is an opportunity to highlight notable features of the year.


This section may also be used to set context, such as the fact that you work as a government minister or in a senior party role, although neither are funded by IPSA.


This section could be used to cover activities such as:

·         Participation in debates in the Commons.

·         Development and scrutiny of legislation.

·         Representing the interests of your constituency and individual constituents.

·         Holding the executive and other bodies to account through working on select and other parliamentary committees.

·         Developing and explaining your party’s policies.


This section could be used to cover activities such as:

·         Holding surgeries.

·         Corresponding with constituents and the wider public.

·         Undertaking casework for individual constituents.

·         Addressing important social and economic issues in the constituency.

·         Helping to develop business opportunities in the constituency.


This section provides an opportunity on any particular aspects of your spending which you think merits explanation. Examples could include:

·         Changes in the spending year-on-year.

·         Any one-off developments which have made your spending higher.

·         Any features which result from geographical location or distance from Westminster.

·         The fact that you are a new MP and needed to start up the office.

·         Any contingency claims you made to meet exceptional spending needs.

·         How you structure the staffing in your office.

Annual Expense Claims Comparison