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Other published data

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Other published data

IPSA only pays the costs necessary for an MP to perform their parliamentary functions.

Individual Claims

Every two months IPSA publishes individual claims made by MPs. We publish these four to five months in arrears. You can find our publication timetable and further information about the budgets here.

You can search for the costs of any MP using the ‘Interactive Map’ or ‘Your MP’ links.

Annual publication

Each year we publish annual information on the total amount spent by each MP for each of their budgets for the previous financial year.

You can also view the data for total amount spent by all MPs on the drop down box on the 'Your MP' page. This is what is published in each downloadable spreadsheet:

  • Total spend spreadsheet – the total amount spent by each MP for each of their budgets; accommodation, office costs, staffing, travel and subsistence and landlord information. Click here to access the total spend spreadsheet for 2016-17.
  • Other data – information for all MPs on staff roles in each office, employment of connected parties, MP salaries, loan information and contingency payments. 
  • Individual claims – individual claims made by MP, published bi-monthly, four to five months in arrears.
  • Figures used are correct at the time of publication. Amendments and updates are made periodically, usually at the time of annual publication in November.

Security and Disability

We don’t publish details of individual claims from the security or disability assistance budgets, just the totals claimed by all MPs each year due to the sensitive nature of the information.

Disability assistance

This may be claimed by an MP for any additional costs incurred by them in carrying out their parliamentary work which is attributable to the disability of an MP, an MP’s staff member, job applicant or constituent, visiting the office or surgery.

Security assistance

This may be claimed for additional security measures that enable an MP to carry out their parliamentary work. A standard package of measures is available to all MPs that has been recommended by security advisers and the Police. MPs may also claim for enhanced measures that go above and beyond these, upon recommendation by the Police.

Year Disability Assistance Security Assistance
2010 - 11 £222,581.23 £37,823.08
2011 - 12 £363,194.16 £80,792.80
2012 - 13 £483,492.77 £37,567.04
2013 - 14 £493,611.79 £33,726.95
2014 - 15 £491,790.55 £77,234.67
2015 – 16 £183,428.92 £170,576.24
2016 - 17 £141,124.49  £2,602.003.75

Money owed

Debts to IPSA can be incurred by MPs for a number of reasons. For example, the MP may use their IPSA credit card for an item which is not allowed under the rules or the MP may exceed their budget in a particular year.

We will always seek to recover any money owed to the taxpayer, but where it is not financially worthwhile to continue to pursue repayment, we write it off:

Resettlement payments

MPs who lost their seats at the May 2015 General Election were eligible for a resettlement payment of up to six months of their annual salary. Standing down MPs did not receive a resettlement payment.

In future General Elections the resettlement payment is to be replaced by a Loss of Office payment which will be equivalent of twice the statutory redundancy rate. Resettlement payments after the May 2015 General Election amounted to £2.8 million. Click here to see the details of these payments.

Capital Gains repayments

As a transitional measure from May 2010 to August 2012, MPs who were re-elected in 2010 were allowed to continue claiming the cost of mortgage interest payments to give them time to make alternative arrangements. Where the value of the property rose during this period, the MP paid us a sum to cover the taxpayer’s share of that increase. To download the spreadsheet click here.