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IPSA for MPs

This part of the website provides information to help MPs and their staff claim for costs that comply with the Ninth Edition of The Scheme of MPs’ Costs and Expenses (a Quick Guide for the scheme can be found here).

A summary of the different parts of IPSA for MPs can be found below:


All IPSA forms, budget calculators and tools.


Guidance on HR, payroll and other issues.


Everything you will need to set up a new starter.

Accessing the online expenses system

MPs and their staff who have a Parliamentary account can access IPSA's expenses and payroll systems directly through the web address

If you work in an MPs office and do not have a Parliamentary email account, you can use an RSA software token to securely access IPSA’s online expenses system.

Software tokens can be installed on a range of mobile devices and laptops, as well as desktop computers. You can click here to read more about RSA Software tokens and you can also click here for a short video guide.

Once you have an RSA token and a system login, please go to to access the online expenses system. For security reasons, there is a two-stage login process. You will first need to enter your RSA token code, followed by your system login.

If you have any questions, or would like any training on using the system, please contact us.

Claiming from direct suppliers

IPSA can make payments direct to a number of suppliers on your behalf, removing the need for you to pay, claim and provide evidence. These costs will then be charged to the appropriate budget.

Please use the links below to access the suppliers. You will need login details which should have been provided to you. To re-request these login details, please contact us.

Budgets for 2017-2018

Summary of Budgets for 2017-18. 


Submit your timesheet online.

MPs' Pensions

You can find out more about the MPs' Pension Scheme (the Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund) here.

MPs' Staff Pensions

You can find out more about the MPs' Staff Pension Scheme here.