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General Election

We will be updating this section regularly with information and guidance to support MPs (new, returning and departing) and their staff through the post General Election period.

As well as this section, we will be holding events to help new, returning, and departing MPs and their staff (locations and times will be sent to relevant individuals):

New Members Reception Area

We will help new MPs to register their details so they can be set up on our systems and use our services. 

  • 9 – 13 June

Drop-In Sessions 

We will be available to answer any questions or queries from new and returned MPs and their staff. 

  • 14 – 16 June 
  • 19 – 23 June 

Departing Members Area

We will support and help departing MPs to wind up their affairs. 

  • 10 – 16 June
  • 19 23 June

Contact Us

As always, MPs and their staff will be able to contact their dedicated payroll officer and account manager if they have any specific questions that are not covered by our guidance. 

Payroll Guidance

View our payroll guidance.