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Who We Are

As part of our commitment to transparency, we have pledged to publish information on who we are, what we do, what we spend and how we spend it.

Information on our operations are published each year as part of our annual report and accounts.

IPSA is governed by its Board and Chair. You can find out more information about IPSA's Board members via this link.

On a day-to-day basis, IPSA is run by its Chief Executive, Marcial Boo, who reports to the Board. He is supported by an executive body of staff who are responsible for administering, regulating and paying MPs' business costs and expenses. The table below provides information on senior members of staff who report directly to the Chief Executive, accompanied by a description of their team's function and size.

Name and role

Team function

Team size

Vicky Fox

Director of MP Support Services

MP Support, validation, publication, records management

30 staff members

John Sills

Director of Regulation

Policy, communicatons, FOI, assurance

7 staff members

Alastair Bridges

Director of Corporate Services

Finance, human resources, payroll, business technology

20 staff members

Four other members of staff report directly to the Chief Executive but are not senior members of staff.

Staff salaries

Use the tabs below to view information on IPSA staff remuneration.

The table below provides information on the staff employed at IPSA responsible for day-to day operations.

The information does not include the Board, the Chief Executive or Directors, details of which are provided in the other tab.


Pay scale

Number of staff


£20,050 - £25,704



£23,648 - £31,673



£31,359 - £38,042



£35,986 - £47,296


Senior Management

£47,296 - £75,807




 This information is correct as of October 2018.

IPSA's Board and Remuneration Committee determines the Chief Executive's terms and conditions of employment including salary which is in line with Civil Service guidelines.

The remuneration of all Executive Directors is decided by the Remuneration Committee of the Board, chaired by Elizabeth Padmore.

IPSA's senior staff



​Annual salary

​Marcial Boo

​Chief Executive


​John Sills

​Director of Regulation


Vicky Fox

Director of MP Support Services


Alastair Bridges

Director of Corporate Services


Compliance Officer for IPSA

The Compliance Officer reports to IPSA’s Board and acts wholly independently of IPSA’s executive. She works two days per week. You can find out more information about the Compliance Officer on her website.



​Annual salary

​Tracy Hawkings

​Compliance Officer for IPSA


About IPSA

IPSA was established in May 2010 to:

  • regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses,
  • determine MPs’ pay and pension arrangements, and
  • provide financial support to MPs in carrying out their parliamentary functions.