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Income and expenditure

IPSA is funded by HM Treasury through an annual Estimate (or budget). Each year, IPSA's Estimate is reviewed by the Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (SCIPSA) before it is laid before the House for approval. Details of each year's Estimates can be found below.

We also publish a large amount of information relating to our own spending which can be found below, including details of all contracts over £25,000.

Further information relating to IPSA's Board, including remuneration and expenses, can be found via this link.

SCIPSA was established under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009.  Under statute it must review IPSA’s estimate before it is laid before the House. When considering the estimate the Committee must consult the Treasury and have regard to any advice given.

Details of each year's Annual Estimate can be found below. Further information relating to SCIPSA's review of the Estimate can be found on their website via this link.

At the end of each financial year, IPSA publishes an annual report and accounts. Click here to view copies of each year's report.

Please use the links below to view details of all contracts worth £25,000 and any supplier with whom our total annual spend exceeds £25,000 (each financial year). The links will open in spreadsheet format.

About IPSA

IPSA was established in May 2010 to:

  • regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses,
  • determine MPs’ pay and pension arrangements, and
  • provide financial support to MPs in carrying out their parliamentary functions.