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About us

IPSA was created in 2009 by the Parliamentary Standards Act. The Act was amended in 2010 by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act. Together they gave IPSA three main responsibilities:

  • To regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses.
  • To determine MPs’ pay and pension arrangements.
  • To provide financial support to MPs in carrying out their parliamentary functions.

IPSA is independent of Parliament and the Government. This allows us to take decisions about the rules on business costs and expenses and on MPs’ pay ourselves, without interference.

IPSA is overseen by a Board comprising five members. The legislation requires the Board to include a former High Court judge, a qualified auditor and an ex-MP. The Board is supported by an executive, which is also responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. The Board also appoints an independent Compliance Officer, who investigates complaints made by the public and others about MPs’ claims and reviews decisions by IPSA, which MPs have challenged.

Transparency lies at the heart of everything we do. Every two months we publish around 20,000 claims for costs and expenses by MPs and their staff. Once a year we publish aggregate data for MPs’ spending and other aspects of their activity. We have a publication policy which can be found here.

We spend £100-110m on MPs' business costs and expenses. Most of this – around £80m – is accounted for by MPs’ staff salaries and related costs. Much of the rest is used for running MPs’ constituency offices and for travel in the constituency and between the constituency and London. We also pay about £50m a year for MPs’ salaries, national insurance and pension contributions. Our own costs, in a normal year, are about £6m.

The Scheme of MPs' Business Costs and Expenses ('the Scheme') governs what MPs can and cannot claim for. We review our rules regularly and consult the public when we do so. Much of our work involves providing support and advice to MPs and their staff. We are also committed to providing the public with as much information as possible via this website.

You can read more about IPSA's first five years here.